Osmo Moss Remover 25kg
Osmo Moss Remover 25kg
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Osmo Moss Remover 25kg

Osmo Moss Remover 25kg

  • Contains NO Sulphate of Iron
  • Will Not Turn Lawn Black
  • Will Not Stain Drive-Ways- Decking or Patios
  • No need to scarify
  • Completely Safe for Animals/ Children



NPK Formulation: 6-2-20 + 3Mg

Application Rate: 140g per sq metre

25Kg Bag treats 175-180 sq metres

The Moss takes up huge levels of Potassium

Dehydrates the cell wall of the moss - causing it to burst

This breaks the moss down into dust, which is then absorbed by the lawn as nutrients

It then continues to feed the lawn for up to 3 Months

Products contains added Magnesium for a rich green colour of lawn after treatment

Progreen Moss Remover is long lasting and adds all necessary nutrients for optimal growth, colour and health of grass.  The special composition with high content of potash (K) leads to singeing of the roots of the moss, but not the grass.  After 2-3 weeks, the moss will turn yellow and disappear.  

With micro-organisms and magnesium.  Low in chlorine. 


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