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Lawn Mix Topsoil (General Use)

Lawn Mix Topsoil (General Use)



New lawns, turf or seed needs between 5 to 10 cm of good topsoil to be able to root properly. Our general use lawn mix is sieved through a 25mm mesh which makes a good blend suitable for a free-draining lawn

When using topsoil for lawn we always recommend 35grams per square metre of our pre-turf fertilizer to be added before laying the turf.

If you require a mix for seeding we recommend our fine grade lawn mix.

Our topsoil comes in MAXI bags which hold approx. 1 tonne

A tonne of topsoil (1000kg) will cover around 12-15 square metres at a depth of about 5cm.

Not sure how much topsoil you need?  Phone us with the measurements of the area you want to cover and we’ll work it out for you!

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