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Soil Enricher



Our Soil Enricher comes in MAXI bags which hold in excess of 950kg

This is designed to put the life back into old soil with poor structure and low nutrients. Green material is composted and then screened to create a friable product rich in nutrients and organic matter.


How to use
Spread a layer 5-10cm thick over the ground. Using a fork or rotavator, mix this layer with the top 15cm of soil.


1.     Creates porosity within the soil, thereby alleviating the effects of compaction

2.     Provides the essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.

3.     Enhances soil structure, thereby making it easier to work.

4.     Boosts the soils ability to retain nutrients.

5.     Improves the water retention of soil and improves plant productivity.


·  Flower Beds
Soil Enricher can be incorporated into the soil prior to planting. The new plants can be then planted straight in this mix.

·  Lawn establishment
Before laying new grass, incorporate a 5cm layer of soil enricher into the top 8-10cm of soil. This creates a better rooting environment for the grass and leads to the quicker establishment of the lawn.

·  Flower boxes
Mix 1 part soil enricher with 4 parts topsoil before filling containers.


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