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Atlantic Gold Granular Pouch 2.5kg



Atlantic Gold

Seaweed Fertiliser & Soil Conditioner.

When seaweed is incorporated into soil or sprayed on leaves, plants absorb its compounds for their own use. Seaweed promotes rapid, healthy growth and also stimulates the activity of bacteria that decompose soil particles into simpler nutrient compounds that plants can readily absorb. Compounds in seaweed latch onto these nutrients, preventing them from leaching out of the soil, yet readily releasing them to plants.

Apply to fruit, vegetables and flower crops for
1. Increased yield.
2. Improved soil germination.
3. Increased uptake of soil nutrients.
4. Increased resistance to pests/insects.
5. Resistance to frost.

· 100% organic.

Organic granular seaweed used to condition soils prior to planting and as a top dressing to established plants and turf. As Fertiliser & Soil Conditioner breaks down it gently releases nutrients. Alginates, which are unique to seaweeds act to improve the structure of clay soils whilst increasing the water holding capacity of sandy soils and soil less components. Seaweed is rich in trace elements (over 60) ensuring healthy plants.

Fertiliser & Soil Conditioner feeds lightly and will not produce excessive growth.

Fertiliser & Soil Conditioner will also help to accelerate the breakdown of compost into a rich loam.

Golf greens, sports turf

25kg bag per 500 square metres

Lawns and grasses

5kg per 100 square metres, 50-75g per square metre (Apply Spring and Autumn)

Well-structured top soils

25 – 50kg per 500 square metres

 Poorly structured top soils

50 – 75kg per 500 square metres

Sub soil

75 – 150kg per 500 square metres


1 part soil conditioner to 50 parts compost during maturation period


100 – 150g per square metre

Flowers, shrubs

100 – 150g per square metre



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