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Atlantic Gold Liquid Seaweed Foliar Feed 1 ltr



Seaweed Foliar Feed – Description

  • Ready to Use Plant Feed
  • Applied Directly to Plant’s Foliage
  • All Purpose Plant, Fruit & Vegetable Feed
  • Volume: 1000ml
  • Contains 0.6g of Pure Seaweed
  • Note: Seaweed Fertiliser is More Active at Lower Concentrations
  • Seaweed: Ascophyllum Nodosum
  • Sustainably Harvested Along the West Coast of Ireland
  • Contains:
    • Alginates (16 – 26%) – Increases Soil Microbial Activity & Improves Moisture Content in Soils
    • 60 Trace Elements
    • Plant Nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium) – Essential for Plant Growth
  • 100% Organic

Seaweed Foliar Feed – Uses

  • Apply directly to plants leaves to provide instant nutrients to plants
    • Encourages leaf development
    • Increase resistance to pests & diseases
    • Promote health in plants

Seaweed Foliar Feed – Application Rates

  • Easy to apply – no dilution required
  • Apply early in the morning
  • Apply during the growing season
  • Tips
    • Best applied little & often
    • Best applied at the beginning of plant’s various growth stages
    • Note: Cumulative effect applies – this means that continual applications will prove much more effective than a single application

Seaweed Foliar Feed – The Story

Seaweed grows in the turbulent Pacific & Atlantic Oceans. It is here that the seaweed absorbs many of the worlds elements, including essential plant elements & trace elements.

Along the west coast in Ireland, where this seaweed washes up, it has been used for centuries as a soil conditioner & fertiliser. On barren landscapes & rocky islands, seaweed has become an essential ingredient to ensure the fertility & sustainability in these places.

As well as fertility, seaweed bring a host of bacteria & fungi that work with plants to boost pest resistance & increase nutrient uptake ability.

Atlantic Gold sustainably harvests this natural resource & has repackaged it into a range of user friendly soil conditioners, fertilisers & foliar feeds.

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