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Ecofective Bug and Mildew Control



This is a child and pet friendly solution to your garden pests and mildew.  Safe to use on fruit and vegetables too. In a handy ready to use spray format.

  • Pesticide free technology for the control of a wide range of bugs, powdery mildew and provide nutrition.
  • Controls a wide range of common pests such as white fly, aphids, red spider mite, mealy bug, scale insect and psyllid.
  • May be used on flowers, ornamentals, fruit, herbs, and vegetables.
  • Safe to use around pets, children, and bees.
  • With regular use, Ecofective Bug and Mildew Control will control powdery mildew spores by its rinsing action on the leaves.
  • No harvest interval required meaning produce can be eaten within hours of application.
  • The formula also provides foliar nourishment to encourage healthy growth and promote abundant fruit vegetables and vibrant flowers.
  • It comes in a ready to use format, 1 litre bottle.

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