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Gardena Combi-system Curved Saw 300PP



Efficient and reliable push-pull saw with hook

The combi-system Gardeners’ Saw 300 PP, curved by GARDENA impresses with a usable saw length of 300 mm. As it is a push-pull saw, you save time due to the faster material abrasion when sawing. The hard-chrome-plated saw blade has a long service life with corrosion protection. The impulse-hardened toothing keeps the saw sharp for a long time. Use the integrated hook on the front part of the curved saw blade to easily pull out cut-off branches. It also protects you from slipping with the saw and makes sawing easier. The ergonomic handle fits securely in your hand. The built-in soft components and the slip stop at the end of the handle prevent your hand from slipping while sawing. If you want to saw branches in higher tree regions safely and with a wobble-free connection, combine the hand saw from the GARDENA combi-system with the Telescopic Handle, available separately. The blade cover is practical for storing and transporting the garden saw. You can hang it up ready to hand at any time with the eyelet hanger. The combi-system Gardeners’ Saw 300 PP, curved is a quality product made in Germany and comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty from GARDENA. Express your vision with precision. Easy to use, effective and durable cutting tools for creative gardeners.

Technical Specifications

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