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Golden Hardcore Maxi Bag



Golden Hardcore when compacted provides an excellent base layer for pathways and driveways especially where lighter coloured decorative stones are the intended finish.

It is similar to 804 hardcore in nature but is quarried from quartzite and thus has a golden – beige colour making it ideal as a sub-base for lighter coloured decorative pebbles used in driveways, garden paths etc.

May be used on its own but we recommend for a better finish that after compaction use a layer of Golden binding grit as a blinding layer prior to finishing with the decorative pebble of your choice.

We recommend Golden Hardcore and Golden Binding grit as a sub- base for Ballylusk Quartzite, Donegal Quartzite, Rose Quartzite, Gold Flint, Glenview Light Gold and all light-coloured decorative pebbles for footpaths and driveways.

Aggregate size: 35mm to dust.

Coverage 12-15sqm per maxi bag at a loose depth of 50mm

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