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Jumbo Sleeper 10Ft (3M)



Our largest sleepers, The Jumbo Sleepers are pressure treated softwood available in brown. They are 2 feet longer than our landscape and premium grade sleepers.

They are suitable for use in building retaining walls, garden steps and features, raised beds and vegetable beds.

The 3m length is especially useful in the construction of larger beds or perimeter edges, resulting in less joints.

Where there is not a lot of soil to be retained or you don’t want to go more than 8ins (20cm) high then consider using our Landscaper grade railway sleeper which will do the job perfectly well at a lower cost.

Dimensions: 3.0m x 10cm x 20cm. (10ft x 4ins x 8ins)

Due to their size and weight, these sleepers are not suitable for collection by car.

They will fit into most large vans, trucks, or trailers.

They are pressure treated with Tanalith E.

Colour variations may occurr between batches.

Delivery charges will apply, please contact a member of our sales team for further information.


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