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Resolva Weedkiller 1ltr



Resolva Weedkiller 1ltr


Resolva 24H weedkiller is a fast acting weedkiller that kills the weed and the root. Its 24H action means you can visibly see quick results giving you the confidence its working.

·  Uses Resolva’s unique IQ technology for the best weedkilling performance. It combines the speed of a contact weedkiller with the ability to kill weeds deep at the root like a systemic weedkiller.

·  Biodegradable weedkiller formulation means you replant immediately after the product dries.

·  Ideal for Irish gardens, Resolva 24H weedkiller is effective even in hard water areas and colder conditions.

Resolva 24H weedkiller is ideal for:

Controlling annual and deep-rooted perennial garden weeds including grasses, docks, nettles, dandelion, bindweed and many more.

When to use Resolva 24H weedkiller:

It is best to apply Resolva 24H weedkiller on a calm day when weeds are small but actively growing and have a large leaf area to absorb the weedkiller spray. If it rains within 6 hours of applying the weedkiller then this could reduce its effectiveness and you may need to treat the weeds again.

Resolva 24H weedkiller contains diquat & gyphosate. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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