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Semi Commercial Spreader



Earthway Ice Melt broadcast Spreader

Looking for a professional Ice Melt spreader?

This professional grade spreader features a maintenance free, heavy duty gearbox and a pro style T-handle diamond design solid linkage control for easy open and close.

High-Output shut-off, pneumatic wheels

Equipped with the exclusive High-Output shut-off, this spreader is designed to spread salt, seeds and other high volume granular materials. With pneumatic stud type tyres, this spreader is very practical for hilly or bumpy areas.

Earthwaytools, your importer

The EarthWay EV-N-SPRED brand is generally recognised as leading in the field of spreading. Each component is replaceable and comes with a trail-blazing warranty. In this way the brand offers precise and innovative solutions for every user worldwide.

Specifications Salt Spreader Earthway Polar Tech

Weight 10,4 kg
Frame Coated steel
Capacity ltr 25 liter
Capacity kg 30 kg
Material Hopper Poly
Dimension 60 x 45 x 110 cm
Radius 200 – 500 cm
Wheel width 60 cm
Wheels, dimension Pneumatic, 30 x 10 cm
Color Bleu/Black