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Solo 473D Classic 10 Ltr Knapsack Sprayer



Made from a high grade UV resistant plastic with a large filler opening on the tank to reduce spillage the Solo range of sprayers are suited to both domestic and professional users and are built to last. The quality features on each Solo sprayer make them reliable and easy to use in all spraying environments.

Diaphragm pump sprayers are more resistant to aggressive chemicals so can be used for a more diverse range of applications. The Solo knapsack or back pack sprayers can be used to disperse both feed, weed and pest control mixtures across a large area of ground. Worn on the back with wide, comfortable straps you only have to use one hand to operate the trigger.

The low resistance pump ensures that the user only has to use the minimum amount of effort to use the sprayer. The ergonomically designed tank sits comfortably on the operator’s back minimising any discomfort when being used.

The Solo SO 473/D also has a manually adjustable pressure regulator. Uses 4 bar/60 psi maximum spray pressure.


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