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Spiral Tree Guards



The Rainbow Tree Spiral is a low cost protection for young trees such as standards, seedling transplants and single stem hedge plant varieties against browsing animals such as rabbit, hare, sheep and roe deer. They are extremely quick and easy to install and in most cases do not need additional tree stakes or fastenings to support them.

A major benefit in using the Tree Spiral is their ability to grow with the trees as they mature. Its overlap design avoids the risk of strangulation of the tree and also offers protection against the use of chemicals. Our experience shows that young trees develop better with ventilation holes, as this reduces the effects of mildew and leaf burn both of which will stunt growth but if using chemicals then a no holes option should be used.

It is most important that they are installed correctly to allow growth of the tree. The overlap of the spiral must always be pointing upwards with the ventilation holes forming an arrow pattern also pointing upwards.

Tree Spirals are manufactured using 100% recycled PVC and offers at least 4 growing seasons of protection even at high UV exposure levels. PVC ultimately breaks down into minute inert particles through photo degradation which will not harm the earth around the tree plantation. The use of recycled PVC also allows the re-use of valuable resources that would ultimately end-up in the landfill sites.

In less exposed sites Tree Spirals will not require a cane support but you must ensure the young tree is exposed at the top of the spiral and has strong enough stem to support the extra growth without falling over. Canes should be used in exposed sites for 38mm and 50mm diameter Tree Spirals and for all small trees below 60cm. The cane should be placed inside the Tree Spiral with one third of its length pushed into the ground.

Available colour: Brown

Key advantages of using Rainbow Tree Spirals –

  • Low cost protection for young trees
  • Quick and easy to install
  • No fixing stakes or fastenings required on most trees
  • Can promote thickening for hedging applications
  • Offers protection of young trees without strangulation as trees mature
  • Main tree protection for last 40 years

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