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Tippland COCO Substrate 6x 650g



Now in a NEW handy 6 pack of individual 650g units

NATURAL – 100% Natural Coco peat-free substrate brick increases the porosity of the potting mix which helps to keep the soil loose and airy helping in better root growth.

Better root growth results in better plant growth and higher yield.

EASY TO USE – Just put your compressed Coco brick in a container, add warm water and let it sit until the water is absorbed, fluff it up and you are ready to use Coco substrate. It’s as EASY as that !!!!

INCREASED PLANT LIFE SPAN – The presence of organic compounds in Coco brick can results strong root growth compared with other growing mediums. In addition it offers some natural resistance to plant diseases, so the plant life span will be long.

MULTI-USE – High water and nutrition holding capacity develops strong and healthy root system, good air porosity. Perfect growing medium for plants which is used in Horticulture, Floriculture environments and in green house plantation

REPTILE / WORM BEDDING – Natural Coco substrate makes a great bedding material for worm bins & Reptiles and it actually increases worm growth by 25%. (Coco substrate is the same as peat (contains no nutrients) so you will need to add fertiliser or liquid feed every 10 days.


  • 100% Organic and peat free
  • Used as an alternative for peat
  • Ph 6.5
  • Ideal for making your own compost.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Biodegradable

(WEIGHT – 6 x650g  | SIZE – 31cm X 19cm X 19cm )





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