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Woodside Mini Chip Bark Mulch 75 Ltr


Tippland Mini Bark mulch is 100% guaranteed Irish and FSC certified. It is superior in quality and can be used as a decorative mulch, as a weed suppressor or as an additive to increase the air filled porosity in growing mixes.


Woodside’s Mini chip bark will give a superior backdrop to your beds and borders and reduce the need for frequent weeding.
Mini chip bark also improves moisture retention and provides thermal insulation for plant roots.

Directions for use

  • Apply to the designated area approximately 50mm to 75mm (2-3inch) deep on flat areas and up too 100mm on uneven surfaces
  • Woodside’s Mini chip bark requires moisture from the soil to keep its dark colour so we recommend not using a weed control membrane.
  • Woodside’s Mini chip bark is a long-lasting mulch but may need raking over and topping up
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