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Urban Tree Soil



The Landscape Depot’s Urban tree soil is a blend of specially selected topdressing sand and composted green waste for added organic matter. Urban tree soil should be used in place of ordinary topsoil when planting trees.

Our urban tree soil offers better drainage and increases the level of oxygen and water to the tree’s root system. The added organic matter provides necessary nutrients for the tree to prosper.

The major problem in establishing trees in paved urban areas is the lack of an adequate volume of soil for tree root growth. Subsequently, urban trees with most of their roots under pavement grow poorly and die prematurely. It is estimated that an urban tree in this type of setting lives for an average of only 7-10 years.

Urban tree soil is mainly used in urban areas where there is reduced access to good topsoil and where the planting areas are limited and surrounded by paving. This means that the tree will need to get all its nutrients from a limited quantity of growing medium.

It is important to use the correct soil that meets the specific needs of a tree species when planting a tree in a location where the native soil will not support plant growth.

Organic matter content is vital in providing nutrients for trees and retaining water. Ideally the soil needs to have between 4% and 6% organic matter.  It should not have more than 15% to avoid subsidence or settling problems.  All new transplanted trees need water to survive and thrive.  Adequate soil moisture levels need to be monitored and the soil used should have adequate moisture retentive qualities.  It must also drain well as excess irrigation can harm trees.  The Landscape Depot’s Urban tree soil has been developed to meet the planting needs of trees in urban situations.

The soil is provide in maxi bags.




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