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Weed Control Fabric – Mypex



Weed Control Fabric – Mypex

This fabric is the tough tried and tested weed control fabric preferred by professional landscapers, gardeners and the horticultural industry.

These fabrics are used by professional growers, landscapers and gardeners to control weed growth. Groundfab can also be used as barrier fencing, tree squares, frost protection, under decks and gravel pathways, beneath brick or stone patios, vegetable and herb gardens, annual beds and to prevent potted plants from implanting in soil.

It stops weeds for years lasting up to 5 times longer than other brands. It is strong and durable yet flexible, easy to cut and install. Our unique construction blocks light and weeds and conserves moisture allowing air, water and nutrients through to plants roots while letting the soil breath.

Control Weed Growth
• Lasts up to 5 times longer than other brands
• Weed Control without Chemicals
• Saves time from weeding
• Ultraviolet Resistant
• Water Permeable

Underneath Brick or Stone Patios, decks, gravel pathways etc.
Liner for Pots, Window Boxes etc. Allowing Water Drainage without Soil Loss

It is available with marker lines or grids for spacing.

4mtr x 50mtr roll & 3.25mtr x 50mtr roll are COLLECTED ONLY

Roll Sizes: 

1.00mtr X 50mtr,

2.00mtr X 50mtr,

3.25mtr X 50mtr, ,

4.00mtr X 50mtr,


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