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Wildflowers Floral Meadow ‘Every Kind of Soil’



A blend of 25 varieties of perennial and annual rustic floral meadow flowers in pastel shades. Ideal for planting in every soil type, thus reducing mowing areas. The perennial flowers will grow again producing attractive blossoms the following spring. Varieties include Coreopsis, Chrysanthemum, Perennial Flax and Sweet Pea.

Sow in autumn for best results.

Average height 70-80cm

Sowing period:

September, October or March to June

First Flowers:

6-8 weeks after sowing and then from April in the following year

Average flowering Period:

3-4 months

Soil Preparation:

Turnover the soil as deeply as possible, at least 10cm.

Spread the soil evenly and rake level.

Sow by casting over the surface as you would with lawn seed.

Compact the soil to ensure the seed makes contact with the soil

Water regularly with a fine spray, keeping the soil moist.

Growing Tips:

To keep the floral meadow the following year, cut back to 10cm above ground and remove the green waste 10 days later.

  • Good for the environment
  • Easy to grow
  • Low maintenance
  • Low watering
  • 3-4 months flowering
  • Friendly to pollinating insects

Pack size 30sqm