Delivery Information                                                                                                                             

The complex range of products we supply results in an equally complex range of delivery options! We use a variety of delivery methods to complete our deliveries.  What you have ordered, and where you live, will determine the method of delivery and the cost. A sample list of approximate charges is detailed in the table below.

In all cases a member of staff will contact you after we receive your order request to discuss the most appropriate delivery method and cost.                                                                                                                                    

Bulk or Heavy orders within The Greater Dublin Area                                                                                                                            

If your order includes a bulk product such as a maxi bag (1 ton) of soil for example, and if you live in the greater Dublin area we will deliver this type of order with our own lorries which are equipped with cranes

Don’t worry! Before we deliver your order, a member of our team will phone you and talk you through the delivery process and the cost of your delivery.

Our lorries are very large so before we deliver to you we will check out your address by satellite to make sure that we will be able to deliver your order.

Please ensure that on the day of the delivery there is access and plenty of room for our delivery truck, and that there are no cars or skips in the driveway etc. We will always do our best to get the delivery exactly where you want it but please be aware we are limited by access, the reach of our crane, overhead wires, trees, parked cars etc.

Please note: Our lorries are very heavy, they cannot, and will not EVER, travel over grassed areas, public footpaths or across any public amenity.

Lead Time                                                                                                                                  

Typical lead time is 4-5 working days for this type of delivery but may be greater during peak demand. If we can, we will get to you sooner, but to avoid disappointment you would be wise to allow at least this amount of time.

Approximate Bulk or Heavy Delivery Charges, Greater Dublin area

If your order includes a bulk product such as a maxi bag ( 1 ton ) of soil for example, and if you live outside the greater Dublin area, we can send your order on a pallet by courier.

Delivery Charges:

Bulk or Heavy orders, Nationwide                                                                                                                                  

A pallet delivery typically costs around €100.00

A member of our sales team will phone you to discuss the cost and details relating to your bulk delivery.

Typical lead time is 4-5 days for this type of delivery.

Please be aware that during busy times courier companies can incur delays over which we have no control.

A tracking service will be offered if available.

Parcel or packet orders, Nationwide                                                                                                                              

Parcel orders of items up to 30kg and no longer than 2 metres in length can be sent by a parcel courier.

Charges per parcel start from €12.00 upwards depending on the nature of the item(s)

On receipt of your order request, a member of our sales team will phone you to discuss the cost of your parcel delivery.

Small packet parcels up to 250g in weight can be sent by post at a cost of €5.00

Small packet parcels up to 500g in weight can be sent by post at a cost of €7.00                                                                                                                  Parcel tracking is available.

Limitations / exceptions                                                                                                                                      

Due to their size and/or weight versus their value some items are just not suitable for home delivery.

However, these items may be added to a bulk order or be included as part of a larger order.

Or if you like, you can collect these items direct from The Landscape Depot yourself.

We have listed below the type of products that do not qualify for home delivery on their own. Please, remember, our sales team will be happy to answer any queries you have in relation to all delivery orders.

The following items are not suitable for home delivery.                                                                                                                        

  • Bags of compost
  • 75 litre or 100 litre bags of bark mulch
  • Mini bags (25kg) of decorative gravel / stone
  • 25kg bags of sand, aggregate, play sand etc
  • Bags of Cement or post mix
  • Lawn turf in quantities of less than 50 rolls (50 square yards)
  • Bags of de-icing salt
  • Railway sleepers in small quantities (please talk to our sales team for clarification)
  • Fencing panels or trellis in small quantities (please talk to our sales team for clarification)
  • Fence posts or timber lengths in small quantities (please talk to our sales team for clarification)

The following exceptions apply to the above list:                                                                                                                                    

The above items may be added to or included with an existing bulk order for delivery by our delivery lorries.

This may also apply to Nationwide pallet deliveries via a courier.

Full pallet quantities of any of the above.

Please contact a member of our sales team for further details on 4512608          

Important Information for Deliveries :

We offer Kerb-side delivery or to the nearest accessible point, there is no way to move it any further.  In some circumstances it is not possible to access driveways or laneways.  It is advisable to prepare in advance for our arrival as if you refuse delivery we will refund part of your order but you will be liable for the transport charge.

Landscape Depot will not accept any liability for damages to property caused during delivery whereby the customer has instructed drivers or have made requests for goods to be placed anywhere other than on the kerbside.

If delivery to specified point is achievable then the customer must ensure that any access routes or end points the delivery vehicle must travel on can withstand the weight of a vehicle which weighs 18 tonnes or more.

Any request to lift goods over any walls, fences, hedges MUST BE AGREED UPON PRIOR TO DELIVERY.  On arrival our experienced driver will determine if this request can be done safely.  The customer accepts liability for any damages caused to the property, vehicle or other. Please take note and inform prior to delivery any obstacles that restrict the delivery of your goods such as overhanging wire, overhanging branches, lampposts, parked cars or other such obstacles.

Delivery vehicles DO NOT drive across fields or unmade roads or mount GRASS VERGES

If a customer insists on any vehicle to leave the public road and enter their property or premises of delivery then the customer accepts liability for any damages caused to the property, vehicle or other, any such request must be agreed prior to delivery.

In such cases that delivery, in the opinion of the company is not possible, then the company reserves the right to cancel the order.

If the company or its agent cannot gain access to the delivery address then additional costs may be incurred and shall ultimately fall to the customer.


All returns are subject to a re-stocking and collection charge. Decorative Stone/Gravel Tonne Bags have a restocking charge of €30 each and provided bags and product are still in good condition.  Unfortunately Topsoil and Compost Tonne Bags cannot be returned and are non-refundable.

If you have any special delivery requests please contact us for full details.