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Cooper Pegler CP15 Knapsack Sprayer 15 Ltr



This high quality sprayer can be used to spread various weed killers in an industrial or domestic environment. The Cooper Pegler CP15 Knapsack Sprayer is extremely durable, easy to use and comfortable to carry due to it’s ergonomic design. Lighter weight components are utilized without sacrificing on quality or endurance. This tank features a high resistance skirt to protect all components, and it’s wider opening makes filling and emptying a breeze. The sprayers lance is constructed from reinforced high resistance Glassfibre plastic, and will accommodate a variety of nozzle types. Fully adjustable for left or right handed use.
The Cooper Pegler CP15 Knapsack Sprayer uses a diaphragm pump system that builds pressure by manipulating the flexible diaphragm. The use of a diaphragm pump system produces less friction and reduces wear on the pump that can be caused by dirty water. The Cooper Pegler CP15 Knapsack Sprayerhas an adjustable pressure limiter that can be set to low pressure for spraying herbicides or high pressure for spraying insecticides and fungicide. The sprayer also contains a double filtration system to clean impurities before they go through the nozzles.


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