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Garden Edge Pro



Recycled Plastic Edging

Create a stylish and effective edge to your borders and paths with this strong, flexible and very easy to use Garden Edge Pro.

Great for separating beds from lawns or for creating attractive gravel gardens. The edge can be used to separate different coloured gravels into separate zones… the possibilities are endless!

Garden Edge Pro is also used with brick paver pathways or drives by providing a discreet starting edge as an attractive alternative to concrete or concrete kerbing.

Garden Edge Pro is a very flexible product. Create custom shapes and profiles easily such as curves, circles, or just simple straight lines anywhere in your garden.

Quick and easy to install, Garden Edge Pro is a pleasure to work with for both professionals and gardeners alike. With minimal preparation required, Your Garden Edge project will be quick and easy to complete!

Garden Edge Pro is made from recycled plastics making it friendly to the environment too!

Garden Edge Pro edges are supplied in handy 1 meter lengths. Each length clips to the next length easily. The edges are easy to cut to length if needed by means of a handsaw or hacksaw.

Garden Edge Pro is supplied in straight lengths. If you need to create curves, simply cut out the desired number of supports at the back of the edge and the unit will bend easily.
Garden Edge Pro borders are fixed to the ground with either steel or plastic nails. The recommended number of nails per meter is 3pcs for straight lines or 4-5pcs for curves.

Watch the video on YouTube to see how easy it is to use.

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