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John Innes No 3 Compost



The formulae for John Innes composts were first developed over 50 years ago and have been trusted and used by gardeners ever since.  Each John Innes compost is based on a specific mix of loam, peat and grit plus a carefully balanced recipe of added plant nutrients.

John Innes No.3 is the formula developed for re- potting or planting out mature plants.

John Innes No.3 is a loam-based compost with a reduced peat mix and a plentiful supply of nutrients for heavy feeding plants, vegetables and fruit.  The high quality peat used in the compost is from an exclusive Irish source and, combined with the loam, provides an ideal air/water balance, retains water whilst allowing adequate drainage, and is easy to rewet.

The rich nutrient content includes high quality Q4 fertilisers which are approved for use in John Innes mixes.

John Innes No.3 is the perfect choice for most mature plants including heavy feeding vegetables, salad plants, foliage and flowering plants, shrubs and containerised trees.

20 Litres

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