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Bamboo Tree Guard



The Bamboo Tree Guard consists of a number of split bamboos joined together by coated steel wires to create a handy-to-fit roll.

A simple and clever system which will protect the tree trunk from attack by insects or larger animals, or from physical injury caused by machinery such as lawn mowers or brush cutters.

The Bamboo Tree guard also protects the bark from overheating and damaging UV rays which can lead to splitting and possible disease.

Easy to fit, the Bamboo Tree Guards  are simply wrapped around the tree trunk and tied in place with the wires.

If the roll is too long, simply shorten to the desired length.

We recommend using a simple foam spacer which prevents chafing and promotes good air circulation.

The foam is 24mm in diameter and is sold per linear meter.

These are simply tied around the tree in loops prior to fitting the Bamboo Tree Guard.

3-4 loops per tree is sufficient.

Bamboo Tree Guard available size:  70cm  x 2m high.

Bamboo Tree Guard Foam spacer per meter

Price €1.50 per linear metre



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