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Top Dressing Sand / Lawn Sand



Regular top dressing of a lawn with a thin layer of Lawn Top Dressing Sand is very important and provides many benefits. It can help firm up and maintain a level surface by filling-in small hollows and undulations caused by pets, repeated foot traffic or by lawnmowers. It will improve drought resistance, wear resistance and it can also help reduce the build-up of thatch.

Over time, regular applications of Top Dressing Lawn Sand will improve the soil structure which in turn will aid drainage, aeration and root development ultimately resulting in a healthier lawn. This is especially important for heavy, compacted or clay soils.

Best applied when the grass is actively growing, particularly in spring or autumn when there is sufficient moisture to help wash the sand in. For best results apply after aeration as the sand can be worked down into the holes left behind. Spread the sand thinly over the lawn by means of a soft brush or rake and preferably after the lawn has been mowed.

Our Top Dressing Sand is available in a Maxi Bag which will cover approximately 40-60 square metres depending on the depth required.

We also supply Lawn Top Dressing sand in a 25kg Mini Bag which will cover approximately 1-1.5 square metres.

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